This is the start of my very own website!!! Here is an outline of what we will be doing... Day 1: Getting Started Day 2: How to make links Day 3 and 4: Work on your site and ask questions REMEMBER to come to Open Resource (Mondays and Wednesdays, 3:00 - 6:00) to work on you website.

Here is a simple link to google.

This is my email.
It is better to put, "This is my email" because the email link doesn't work if you do not have your email set up on the computer you are on. For example the computer you are on now.

Here is an images I like:
Here are some things to do with images.
You can change the size, but it is better to use Photoshop.
You can put add a title so that when you put your mouse over the image, it pops up. Here is a cute cat and mouse

You can add a border.
Or you can make an image a link. Click the mouse and go to the Getting Started page.
Remember that if you are making an image a link, it adds a border of 1. So if you don't want the border, just include border=0.